Seth Meyers: The reason those hacked emails could really hurt Hillary Clinton

Seth Meyers thinks Hillary Clinton should be able to “kick back” and simply watch the presidential polls go in her favour in the next few weeks, but it’s not that simple.

The “Late Night” host pointed out on his Wednesday show that, Donald Trump’s own recent controversy aside, Clinton faces a dilemma in her ties to Wall Street and a series of leaked emails speaking to the issue that could hurt her with young voters, in particular because what he sees as her unwillingness to be honest.

“Now Hillary could speak directly to those voters’ concerns about what they see as a fundamentally corrupt economic system and offer ways to address that corruption — but nah,” Meyers joked in his “Closer Look” segment.

He pointed out that Clinton has brought Al Gore with her on the campaign to “win over millennials,” a plan he’s clearly wary about.

“What, you couldn’t get Matlock?” Meyers said.

In one of the more damaging comments from the alleged leaked Clinton emails containing transcripts of speeches to banks, she implied that Wall Street insiders are the ones who are most suited to regulate Wall Street.

“You think billionaires regulating themselves is a good idea? Have you met your opponent?” Meyers said.

Watch the full Seth Meyers video below:

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