Seth Meyers: The real revelation of Trump's leaked tax return

Seth Meyers mocked the hype and subsequent disappointment some people felt around President Donald Trump’s recently released 2005 tax return.

“Rachel Maddow aired an exclusive report on how to stretch out an hour,” Meyers joked on Wednesday’s episode of NBC’s “Late Night.” “Who produced that segment? Ryan Seacrest?”

Maddow spent Tuesday afternoon gleefully promoting that she had Trump’s “tax returns” and teased that she would share their contents that evening on her MSNBC show.

In an effort to curb the story, the White House released details from the 2005 form ahead of Maddow’s broadcast, which showed that he had paid $US38 million in taxes on $US150 million in income. That was hardly the smoking gun of financial insight some had expected or hoped for and Maddow didn’t have much else to report from the forms.

Meyers joked about what the forms told us about how Trump felt about his kids: “Specifically the part where he claimed Ivanka and Donald Jr. as dependents and tried to write off Eric as a loss.” 

That wasn’t actually part of the form, but the late-night host did find Trump’s actual reporting of more than $US100 million in business losses for the year perplexing.

“How do you lose $US100 million in 2005?” Meyers said. “Did you buy stock in Heidi Montag?”

Watch the video below:

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