Seth Meyers: Why we have 'good reason' to believe the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault

Seth Meyers is tired of hearing Donald Trump’s surrogates and campaign officials trying to discredit the women who have come forward with sexual assault allegations against the Republican presidential candidate.

“Here’s the problem for Trump,” Meyers said during a new edition of “A Closer Look” on Thursday’s “Late Night.” “There’s very good reason to believe he did what he’s accused of. Why? Because an irrefutable, inside source told us so: Donald Trump.”

The host then shared the portion of the leaked 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape in which Trump said that he doesn’t even wait to kiss or fondle attractive women and says that women allow him to, because he’s famous.

“Donald Trump is his own ‘Deep Throat,'” Meyers said, referring to the Watergate source. “He’s ‘creep throat.'”

Furthermore, the host disapproved of the constant doubting of the accusers’ stories by Trump, his team, and his supporters, especially when they question the timing of the women coming forward.

“When people ask why women wait to report sexual assault, that’s why, because instead of believing them, you question their motives,” he said. “Stop pretending there’s an optimal time for women to go public with these kinds of allegations. It’s not like if you do it within the first 24 hours, you get a parade and an iTunes gift card.”

Watch the latest segment of Meyers’ “A Closer Look” below:


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