Seth Meyers: Why the Republicans’ Trumpcare push is ‘insane, cruel, and reckless’

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The vote for the Republican healthcare plan is scheduled to happen Friday, but Seth Meyers believes the bill is too flawed to go forward and that GOP leaders are being “reckless” for rushing the House vote.

“Republicans who have complained for years that Obamacare was rushed through Congress have literally been rewriting the bill behind closed doors, with no public input, in an attempt to ram it through the House before most members of Congress, let alone most Americans, have any idea what’s in it,” the host said on his “A Closer Look” segment from Thursday’s “Late Night.”

Since being introduced earlier this month, the American Health Care Act, also known as “Trumpcare” or “Ryancare” (after House Speaker Paul Ryan), has seen much opposition, even while supporters work to push it through in an effort to make good on a promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

The Congressional Budget Office reported that it estimates that 24 million more people will be uninsured under Trumpcare compared to Obamacare, a blow to support for the new bill.

Recent reports have tried to bring clarity on how Trumpcare will differ from the Affordable Care Act. That includes removing rules on “essential health benefits,” according to Buzzfeed, including “prescription drugs, pregnancy, maternity, newborn care, and hospitalisation.”

“That’s right. Republicans believe that your insurance plan shouldn’t be required to cover hospitals,” Meyers said. “Don’t worry, every American gets one free ride on the cart that picks up your dead… Here’s the problem with getting rid of essential health benefits: If you don’t require all insurance provide them, no one will.”

Meyers called Republicans’ rush to pass its embattled healthcare bill “insane, cruel, and reckless.”

Watch Meyers’ latest “A Closer Look” below:

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