Seth Meyers explains why Donald Trump's new immigration stance is a 'sham'

Seth Meyers pointed out the hypocrisy of Donald Trump’s new “softened” stance on immigration.

The Republican presidential candidate has been walking back his previous hard-line stance on illegal immigrants.

“That’s right. Trump is softening, also known as flip-flopping,” Meyers said during¬†“A Closer Look” on Thursday’s “Late Night.” “He’s softening and flopping. He’s really sagging in the swing states. You see, his poll percentage is down and he can’t seem to get it up. He can’t get any penetration in the… Ugh, I do not feel good doing this.”¬†

A cornerstone of Trump’s campaign has been his extreme plan to rid the US of all illegal immigrants. It has included deporting undocumented immigrant families, building a wall on the Mexican border, and blocking Muslims from entering the country. His new stance uses “existing laws” established by President Barack Obama.

Meyers joked that “Trumps copying Obama is a family tradition,” referring to Melania Trump’s plagiarizing of Michelle Obama’s previous DNC speech during the RNC.

But more seriously, Meyers called Trump’s flip-flop on Obama’s immigration policy a sign of Trump’s “sham.”

Trump “spent the entire campaign complaining that Hillary [Clinton] would continue Obama’s policies,” Meyers said.

The host doesn’t think Trump supporters will be able to stand this change on immigration, citing that supporters still chant “build that wall” during campaign speeches (though Trump has not said he would rethink the wall).

And Meyers even pointed out that Trump’s representatives aren’t doing a great job of covering for his changed stand. In a CNN interview, his national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said he hasn’t changed his position, just “the words he’s saying.”

“Trump’s trying to have it both ways,” Meyers said. “He wants to change his position on immigration to broaden his appeal, while also assuring his hardcore supporters he’s not changing at all.”

Watch Meyers pick apart Trump’s new immigration stance below:

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