Seth Meyers: Why Donald Trump is 'dangerous' even if he loses

If people believed that Donald Trump would be dangerous as the US president, Seth Meyers warns that he could be just as dangerous to American democracy if he loses in a new edition of his “Late Night” segment “A Closer Look.”

In the wake of the leaked tape showing Trump making vulgar and aggressive statements about women, some polls have shown that Hillary Clinton now has a double-digit lead over the real-estate mogul. Meanwhile, Republicans are abandoning the presidential candidate in herds. A New York Times report describes Trump as being “increasingly isolated and upset.”

“You know, we’re about two weeks away from learning the name of Trump’s childhood sled,” Meyers joked, referring to the big reveal in the classic film about a sensational newspaper publisher, “Citizen Kane.”

In response, Trump has doubled down on appealing to his base. In recent days, he has once again referred to the potential rigging of the election and asked his supporters to volunteer to monitor voting locations for fraud.

“Even if he loses, Trump can still do lasting damage by questioning the legitimacy of our political system,” Meyers said. “Our political system depends on people accepting the outcome — even if they don’t agree with it. But Trump cries fraud whenever he disagrees with something or someone.”

Meyers then pointed to Trump’s previous “birther” accusations that President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US. Then there’s his threat during the debate that if he were to become president, Trump would have Clinton sent to prison.

“That’s Trump’s M.O., to discredit anyone he disagrees with, whether it’s his opponent, or the election itself, and even the media,” Meyers said.

Watch Meyers’ latest “A Closer Look” segment below:

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