Seth Meyers: Why Donald Trump could 'cripple' the Republican Party 'for years to come'

Seth meyers trumpNBC‘Late Night with Seth Meyers.’

On Thursday’s “Late Night,” Seth Meyers took a closer look at how Donald Trump’s controversial rhetoric and alienation of women voters could potentially “cripple” the Republican Party “for years to come.”

“Less than two weeks away from the presidential election, one of our two major parties is now openly antagonizing the single biggest constituency in America: women,” Meyers said. “And instead of running away from his reputation as a groper, Trump is actually leaning into it.” 

He then cut to a clip of Trump getting “handsy” with the American flag earlier this week (see above). 

“That image pretty much sums up the current state of the Trump campaign: clumsy, fake patriotism, and unwanted physical contact,” Meyers joked. 

The “Late Night” host then ran through a series of clips that showed how the attitudes of Trump and his male Republican surrogates continue to alienate female voters.

From Newt Gingrich telling Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that she’s “fascinated with sex” in an interview this week, to a recently unearthed and vile interview of Trump joking that the only thing he has in common with his daughter Ivanka is “sex,” Meyers demonstrated how the GOP to his mind now embodies “toxic masculinity and male entitlement” to a detrimental extent. 

Watch the segment below:

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