Seth Meyers examines the 'meaningless details' cable news gave us during the Manhattan bombing

Meyers nyc bombingHulu/NBC‘Late Night with Seth Meyers.’

The bombing late Saturday night in the Chelsea section of Manhattan that left 29 people injured is no laughing matter. But as Seth Meyers pointed out Tuesday night on “Late Night,” the cable news coverage between the aftermath and suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami being captured was filled with hours of airtime devoted to, as he put it, “meaningless details.”

That included one CNN reporter divulging that the gym he used to work out at was nearby where the explosion happened, an anchor shocked by the size of a New York City dumpster, and that there’s such a thing as lights on vehicles.

“That’s right, CNN thought a vehicle with lights at nighttime was breaking news,” said Meyers. “ ’Also, there’s a traffic light, and I don’t know if this is news, but it’s going from yellow to red, back to green.'”

Meyers also pointed out that CNN ran a loop of a police officer looking through trash cans, presumably for other explosive devices.

“You gotta feel bad for that cop, he clearly did something to piss off the chief,” said Meyers.

Watch the complete segment below:

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