Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler brought back an ‘SNL’ sketch to mock Trump supporters

Meyers Poehler Late Night Really!?!

On Wednesday night’s “Late Night,” Amy Poehler joined host Seth Meyers to make fun of President Donald Trump supporters who’ve been protesting the production of “Julius Caesar” at Shakespeare in the Park in New York City. In the production, Caesar intentionally looks like Trump.

According to Meyers, one protester said that he charged the stage “to protect the president’s life.” Then Meyers introduced the segment, “Really!?! With Seth and Amy.” Amy Poehler joined Meyers at his desk, to loud and long applause. When Poehler and Meyers cohosted “Weekend Update” on “Saturday Night Live,” “Really!?!” was one of their most popular segments.

“Really, protester?” Poehler said. “Now, let me get this right. You waited in line to get tickets to a play you already hated and then you watched it for three hours, and then you ran on stage to protest but not the president, someone who was dressed like the president from getting pretend stabbed with a fake knife. Really? I commend you. If you want to change this country, you just can’t sit around your house, yelling at the TV. You have to get out there and yell at a play. Really? You know what? You’ve made actors so upset, that Daniel Day-Lewis has quit now. You made Lincoln quit!”

Meyers added, “If this portrayal was offensive to anyone, it’s Caesar. Caesar was beloved by the Roman Empire. To put it another way, he won the popular vote. He was so popular we don’t use his name for pizza, we use it for pizza-pizza. The only thing Caesar and Trump have in common is they both have casinos named after them. And really, you could tell that Caesar wasn’t really Trump because the Senate stabbed him instead of just passing a sh–ty healthcare bill.”

You can watch the entire segment below:


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