There's an app that will deal with the cable company (and other annoying service providers) for you for free

You do not want to call your cable company to complain about your bill. You do not want to call an airline and deal with lost luggage. You do not want to call about a TV you just bought that showed up at your doorstep with some weird colouring issue.

But you have to.

Enter Service, an app that handles problems with service providers for you for free.

Founder Michael Schneider told Business Insider that his company is just trying to “lower the world’s stress a little bit.”

We get that.

All you have to do is open the app and type in the company you have a problem with. Describe the problem and Service will then decide if your issue with the company is fair.

“We don’t believe every customer is right,” Schneider said. “If you are in the right we will go to bat for you… Either way, we’ll be empathetic.”

This whole process should take less than 60 seconds. If Service is on the case, the length of time it takes you to resolve the problem depends on the company. American Airlines, for example, resolves problems really quickly — in about a day. Airlines with better reputations, though, aren’t as responsive.

“I can tell you categorically that Middle Eastern Airlines have new planes that are like hotels in the sky but they don’t answer complaints,” Schneider told us. About 40% of the complaints Service gets have to do with travel, after that telecom and then retail companies are what most clients are complaining about.

Schneider says he saves clients about $300 on average. In one outlier case Service resolved a problem caused by a hospital clerical error and saved a client $16,000.

Service, a Los Angeles based company, was founded in June and has so far raised $4 million dollars, mainly backed by San Francisco based VC, Founders Fund. About half of the company’s employees are problem solvers, the other half are engineers building a way to automate case resolution as much as possible.

“The addressable market here is massive,”said Jake Madewell, a partner at venture firm 8 Partners, which has also invested in the company. “Customer service is a part of almost every industry and is often one of the most important yet frustrating touch points. Service’s approach to solving this using AI with a layer of human interaction is the best and most highly scalable solution to this problem I have seen.”

Cool, Jake, but the reality is we all just want someone else to call Time Warner.

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