Seriously, Are America's College Students Dumb — Or In Denial?

President Obama is reportedly “visiting college campuses in key states this week to rally students.” From what I’ve seen and heard online, the reception has been quite warm.

College students of America: are you in denial? Have you lost your minds?

There is reportedly a 50% unemployment rate among recent college graduates. One out of every two of you will be outrageously debt-saddled, and eventually living at home with mum and Dad.

Success, 2012-style.

The other half will be outrageously debt-saddled, “fortunate” to have some god-awful cubicle job that barely meets the minimum payments on your student loan obligations. You’ll be in front of a screen, selling products and services you don’t believe in, making the world a slightly worse place, all so you can hang on to barebones corporate health insurance.

Hope! Change!

Obama hasn’t done a damn thing for people in our age group. This country’s wealth has been squandered on outrageous projects, like a $2 billion data centre in the desert to spy on Americans’ online communications, rapid expansion of the TSA, and to defence contractors who make creepy high-speed drones designed to kill “enemy combatants” without trial or judicial review.

A police state wartime economy in overdrive.

It was one thing to support Barack Obama in 2008 (hell, I did). Hope and Change sounded pretty great after eight years of the Bush gang.

It’s another thing to support him now, if you are a college student facing one of the worst American economic environments since, well, the Great Depression. You’ll be living a life significantly less prosperous, on average, than your parents did. Not an exaggeration. Stop following the cult of personality and judge the Obama administration based on its POLICIES and ACTIONS to date, not based on the fact that he seems “down to Earth” and even has a Spotify playlist!

I’m no peacenik, but this administration is spending far too much on “defence,” and not nearly enough on bringing jobs home for smart graduates. Additionally, medical marijuana crackdowns have INCREASED under Obama (not cool) and if you still believe the campaign lie that Obama has run a “transparent” administration, consider this: “President Barack Obama has brought more charges against Americans under the Espionage Act than did all previous administrations combined, said Jesselyn Radack, director of national security and human rights for the Government Accountability Project.”

You have a life of indentured servitude to a police state ahead of you if you don’t wake up soon. Obama isn’t your friend, graduates.

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