'Serial' is posting season-one updates about Adnan Syed's new hearing for a retrial

Adnan footballCourtesy of SerialAdnan Syed in high school, before he was arrested and convicted of murder.

The case of Adnan Syed isn’t over, and so “Serial” isn’t done with it.

The hit podcast, which in its inaugural season explored the murder conviction of Syed and questions of possible innocence, is going back to that story amid season two as Syed faces a new hearing.

“Serial” just posted a season-one “update” alongside the latest episode from season two. Host Sarah Koenig “duck back” into Syed’s case, visiting Baltimore for a hearing that will consider Syed’s petition for postconviction relief.

Syed’s lawyers argue that his original lawyer in the 2000 trial, Cristina Gutierrez, did not prevent significant evidence that would have helped her client. In particular, Gutierrez never explored testimony involving a potential alibi for Syed from a classmate, Asia McClain.

“Serial” plans to post more updates from Syed’s new proceeding “day by day.”

NOW WATCH: Adnan Syed from ‘Serial’ will argue for a new trial

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