There Are Some Unflattering Photos Of Sergio Garcia At The Dinner Where He Made His Tiger Woods 'Fried Chicken' Joke

Sergio Garcia made an off-colour fried chicken joke about Tiger Woods at a European Tour awards gala in England tonight.

When asked whether he would invite Tiger over to dinner, Sergio reportedly said, “We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

He later issued an apology saying it was a joke and he didn’t mean for it to be racist. But the damage was done — he took this feud to an uglier place than it ever should have gone.

Here are the first images from the dinner (there’s no video, yet).

For whatever reason, Sergio looks incredibly unflattering in these. We’re guessing it’s just a coincidence that these pictures were snapped at precisely the wrong moments. But they accurately illustrate how bad of a night this was for Sergio:

Richard Heathcote/Getty

Richard Heathcote/Getty

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