A Barcelona star has tweeted his support for Catalonian independence -- and his Spanish teammate is not happy

Gerard PiqueGetty ImagesGerard Piqué.

Gerard Piqué’s support for a Catalan independence referendum vote has been criticised by his Spanish teammmate Sergio Ramos.

FC Barcelona defender Piqué has often advocated the Catalan cause, which has riled Spanish nationalist supporters in the past.

The 30-year-old has even been booed, jeered, and whistled at while representing the Spanish national football team.

Piqué lent further support for the referendum on social media on Thursday.

Writing in Catalan on Twitter, he called for a peaceful political process ahead of the vote on October 1.

“From today and until Sunday, let us express ourselves peacefully. We do not give them any excuse. That’s what they want. And we sing well tall and very strong. We will vote.”

The message has not gone down well with Real Madrid defender Ramos, who is an international teammate of Piqué’s with Spain.

Sergio RamosGetty ImagesSergio Ramos.

As quoted in MARCA, Ramos says Piqué’s continued lobbying for the vote will only embolden the Spanish national football fans who whistle at him.

“Pique’s tweet is not the best if you don’t want them to whistle,” Ramos said.

“Maybe the tweet is not the best for the group either but everyone is free to say what they think.”

The Government of Catalonia has set a referendum on independence from Spain for October 1.

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