Sergey Brin: “There’s Nothing Inherently Wrong With Windows”

sergey brin

At a press conference following the Chrome keynote this morning at Google I/O, Google cofounder and chief technical guru Sergey Brin gave Windows a backhanded compliment.

PCMag’s Lance Ulanoff asked him how many Googlers use Windows.

About 20%, replied Brin.

Presumably, most of the rest are using Macs. Nearly all the Google employees I saw at I/O were proudly sporting MacBook Airs or Pros. About a year ago, Google said it was trying to cut out all Windows usage because of security concerns.

Brin went on: “I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with Windows, and Windows 7 has some great security features, but I think with [the Chrome OS] head-to-toe software/hardware model combined with statelessness, that eliminates a lot of complexity.”

He said that Google is rolling out Chromebooks and next year he hopes to report that a “very small percentage” are still using Windows PCs.

Somebody’s got to test Google sites to make sure they work well in Internet Explorer, after all.

Brin also dodged a question about the $500 million first quarter legal charge Google revealed yesterday, saying that he no longer has to deal with such things in his new role after Larry Page took over as CEO.

Page did not show up at the two-day conference.

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