Serene Branson's Garbled Grammy Report Was Because Of A "Complex Migraine"

CBS Grammys

Earlier this week we reported on CBS Reporter Serene Branson, who garbled her on-air report at the Grammys last Sunday so badly that it appeared to many that she had a stroke on air.

The (frankly disturbing) video of her on-air report immediately went viral. Fortunately it came out later that though Branson had been taken to the hostpial after her report, she was not hospitalized, and was able to return home.

Now Branson’s doctor, Dr. Neil Martin, has released a statement (with Branson’s permission) that the reason for the disintegration of her speech was a “complex migraine,” rather than a small stroke. The symptoms of a “complex migraine,” which can include weakness, loss of vision and difficulty speaking, can resemble that of a stroke.

Video of her incoherent Grammys speech has been removed by CBS, and is no longer available.

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