Serena Williams Hates Bugs So Much She’s Going To Ask To Not Play At Night

serena williams

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Serena Williams may have cruised to victory in her opening round match of the Australian Open, but she wasn’t terribly happy about the court conditions during her late-night start time.The five time Aussie open champ says she was very annoyed at all the creepy crawlers out there (via SB Nation).

“I hate bugs more than you can imagine,” Williams said after reaching the second round by beating Tamira Paszek 6-3, 6-2. “Like, they kept jumping on me. Yuck!”


“I’m going to request not to play at night anymore because I hate bugs, except for the final. I heard it’s at night,” Williams said. “I’ll try to get used to them.”

At one point, Williams even removed a bug that had landed on the court and a couple other ones that ended up on her back.