Alexis Ohanian says he keeps a spreadsheet of everything he owns while Serena Williams, his wife, ‘has no idea where all of her trophies are’

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams. Getty Images
  • Serena Williams, who is hoping to win an eighth Australian Open singles title this month, admitted she has no idea where many of her trophies are.
  • The story was confirmed by her husband, Alexis Ohanian, who said that while he keeps a “spreadsheet of every little thing” he owns, one of his wife’s trophies once turned up in a closet.
  • Williams is next in action on Friday and is expected to maintain her hot streak – but should she go all the way, it remains to be seen where the trophy would end up.

Alexis Ohanian said that while he has “a spreadsheet of every little thing” he owns, his wife, Serena Williams, “has no idea where all of her trophies are.”

Williams has banked more than $US88 million from prize money in tennis, has won 72 Women’s Tennis Association singles titles, and is a 23-time Grand Slam champion.

Following her second-round victory over Eugenie Bouchard on Thursday at the 2019 Australian Open, a competition Williams has won seven times, she gave a hilarious on-court interview about where her many trophies are.

“You know, that’s the biggest question,” she said in a clip published by the Australian Open’s official Twitter account. “I’m trying to gather them. I don’t know! I know my coach has a few.”

While Ohanian nodded in clear agreement, Williams added: “It’s bad. But I mean, I’m trying to get them all together in one spot eventually. I’ve never been a hoarder!”

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Though Williams has won many of the sport’s biggest titles multiple times, there is one trophy she treasures most: not a major, but an award she was given by her sister Venus Williams at 8 years old when she was “a terrible loser.”

“It was my first match, when I was like 8, and I played Venus, and I lost,” she said. “It was the final, and she gave me her first place because I was a terrible loser. And she was like, ‘Serena, I want you to win,’ so she gave me her trophy, and that’s the only one I really keep.”

Watch the interview below:

Ohanian, the cofounder of Initialized Capital and Reddit, confirmed the story moments later.

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“That was a true story,” he told his Twitter followers. “Serena has no idea where all of her trophies are. One just turned up in a closet. Meanwhile, I keep a spreadsheet of every little thing I own… She’s not doing it for the hardware.”

Williams is next in action on Friday when she takes on Dayana Yastremska in the Australian Open’s third round.

She’s expected to easily defeat the 18-year-old Ukrainian. But should she go all the way, it remains to be seen where the trophy would end up.