Serena Williams is pulling out of the French Open with an injury on the eve of her most anticipated match in over a year

Serena Williams during her Women’s Semi Final match at the French Open on June 4, 2015 in Paris, France.

  • Serena Williams is dropping out of the French Open with an injury.
  • Williams was slated to play Maria Sharapova, one of her biggest rivals, in the fourth round.
  • Williams cited a pectoral injury as the issue, saying she can’t physically serve at the moment.

Serena Williams is withdrawing from the French Open with an injury.

The withdrawal comes on the eve of her 22nd career match with Maria Sharapova, one of her biggest rivals. Both players have returned from extended absences from the game. The French Open was Williams’ first major since having her first child while Sharapova has returned after serving a ban for doping.

“I’m beyond disappointed,” Williams said. “I gave up so much, from time with my daughter to time with my family. I put everything on the court … So it’s really difficult to be in this situation.”

Williams told reporters at Roland-Garros that she was having issues with her pectoral muscles, saying it’s hard to serve.

“Right now I can’t actually serve so it’s kind of hard to play when you can’t physically serve,” Williams said.

Williams expressed disappointment about not getting to face Sharapova, a match she said she always gets excited to play.

Williams made it to the fourth round of the French Open despite going in without a seed – a controversial decision by French Open organisers, as Williams had dropped to 453rd in the world while away from the game with her pregnancy.

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