12 times Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf's style completely differed on 'Gossip Girl'

“Gossip Girl” is remembered for many things including portraying scandalous student-teacher relationships, parents who behave more childishly than their kids, and an anonymous blogger who documents the characters’ every move. But the show is probably best known for the iconic fashion moments that leading ladies Serena and Blair delivered in each episode.

Queen B and S have totally different vibes when it comes to personal style and everyone who has ever watched “Gossip Girl” usually identifies with one more than the other. Whether your style is sophisticated and preppy like Blair or playful and effortless like Serena, here are 12 occasions where we can look back and admire some of S and B’s most iconic style moments on the show.

In “Hi, Society,” season one, episode 10, Blair and Serena attend cotillion.

CWCotillion is an event where young women in New York make their societal debut.

The evening was drama-filled, to the surprise of no one, and the dresses were equally as dramatic. Whether intentional or not, “Gossip Girl” costume designer Eric Damon made a smart move here dressing Serena in gold and Blair in silver since a plotline throughout the show is that Blair is always coming in second to Serena, and each dress suits their styles perfectly.

In “Summer Kind of Wonderful,” season two, episode one, we see Blair and Serena’s casual style.

CWBlair’s summer outfit was especially preppy.

Is there anything better than summer in the Hamptons? We know its hot, so sleeveless dresses are the way to go. Blair’s look is preppy to a T from the dress to the belt to the all-important headband, while Serena’s is much more laid-back, complete with her low ponytail of beachy waves.

In the same episode, they attend a white party.

The CWBoth dresses were memorable.

Upper East Siders may flock to the Hamptons during the summer but that doesn’t mean their social calendars are empty. Vitamin Water hosts a white party, and the dress code is in the name. Serena opts for a flowing dress with a plunging neckline, while Blair looks prim and proper in a scalloped mini dress with a matching headband.

In “The Ex-Files,” season two, episode four, they sport their school clothing.

The CWSerena opted for a loose tie while Blair rocked a lace collar.

While the Upper East Side’s most prestigious high school has a dress code, the students are known for their loose (very loose) interpretations of it. Blair and Serena both put their own spin on their school uniforms: Serena wears a tie loosely around her neck with a T-shirt and layered necklaces, while Blair wears a white lace cape and a floral neck accessory.

The “How to Succeed in Bassness,” season three, episode seven, sees the opening of Chuck Bass’ club.

The CWBlair rocked the flapper look.

When Chuck decides to open a club inside The Empire Hotel, he throws a party as a nod to the most decadent decade in American history, the ’20s. While Serena and Blair both exude flapper vibes, Serena’s dress is short with a plunging neckline, while Blair’s is more conservative with bold black accessories.

Blair and Serena celebrate Thanksgiving in “The Treasure of Serena Madre,” season three, episode 11.

The CWThe ‘Gossip Girl’ Thanksgiving episodes always come with some fabulous fashion moments in addition to a hearty portion of drama.

For the feast at the van der Woodsen’s apartment, Serena wore a black jumpsuit with a sheer lace detail (maybe not the most practical choice for stuffing her face, but very chic nonetheless) and Blair opted for a yellow dress with black floral detailing.

They shop in Paris in “Belles de Jour,” season four, episode one.

The CWBlair got more dressed up for the day.

If “Gossip Girl” wanted to do a spinoff show with more episodes shot in Paris, I don’t think any of us would have a problem with it. As mentioned by “Gossip Girl”‘s narration, Serena ruled the left bank in Paris, with a laid-back artistic vibe to her Parisian style and Blair had the right bank on lock shopping at high-end stores with outfits to match.

Fashion’s Night Out happens in “The Undergraduates,” season four, episode three.

The CWSerena’s dress was the most memorable.

How do you dress for a takedown? Stylishly, of course. Blair and Serena discover that Juliet had been trying to sabotage Serena at Columbia and they won’t take it lying down. Serena wears bold with a patterned dress with blue details and shoes to the Fashion’s Night Out event at DVF, while Blair keeps it classic with silver sequins and black pumps.

In “Goodbye, Columbia,” season four, episode five, they sport college attire.

The CWBlair’s look is preppy while Serena’s is carefree.

Serena and Blair rarely have on the same colour at the same time, so this rare instance of both girls wearing yellow is very exciting. Blair keeps it ladylike with clean lines and a low ponytail, while Serena’s free spirit shows through with her tousled waves, playful jewellery, and cobalt blue handbag.

Blair’s engagement party happens in “All the Pretty Sources,” season five, episode eight.

The CWSerena threw Blair a Tiffany’s themed party.

Blair’s princess dreams are within reach when she gets engaged to Prince Louis and their party was one for the ages (even if that relationship didn’t last). Blair shined as the guest of honour in a bold orange that is a complementary colour to the jeweller’s signature light blue, and Serena gave a nod to the film with her layered pearl necklaces.

The episode “Save the Last Chance,” season six, episode seven shows off their unique style.

The CWThough both opted for black dresses, Serena’s had a lot more detail.

Serena and Blair are finally growing up and are getting ready to move on with their lives and Serena helps make Blair’s pop-up fashion show a success to make amends for their previous feuds. Blair keeps it classic with an LBD and a signature headband and Serena opts for something sparkly in a sophisticated silhouette.

Blair and Serena opted for very different wedding dresses.

The CWBoth dresses perfectly reflect each girl’s personal style.

Blair and Serena both eventually find the loves of their life and celebrate in style. Serena’s dress once again has gold in it, with a dramatic full skirt and Blair’s light blue Elie Saab dress is a departure from a traditional white outfit.

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