Another Poll Shows Why Democrats Are So Confident Of Winning The Sequester Battle

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Americans are expecting to get slammed from the cuts known as the sequester, and most are set to blame Congressional Republicans if the cuts go into effect, according to a new poll from the Pew Research centre.The poll shows why many Democrats and President Barack Obama believe they have the upper hand in the battle over the sequester. Across party lines, most people expect that the sequester cuts will have a “mostly negative” effect on the economy — 62 per cent thought so. 

And by a 45-32 margin, respondents to the poll said they would blame Congressional Republicans over Obama. That’s less of an advantage than the President had on the fiscal cliff, but it’s still considerable. 

The poll also found that 70 per cent of respondents thought the sequester would have at least a minor effect on their personal finances.

Obama and Republicans have ramped up the fight in recent weeks, with the President taking his message on the road. Obama appeared last week with first responders at the White House, and he is travelling to Newport News, Va., today to warn of the effects of the cuts. 

Here’s the key chart from the Pew poll:

Pew poll sequester

Photo: Pew Research centre

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