Americans Would Rather Cut Military Spending Than Social Security And Medicare

debt clock

A majority of American voters said in a new poll conducted by The Hill that cutting the nation’s debt is more important than continuing to fund domestic and military programs at current levels.

The poll results come mere days away from automatic budget cuts known as the sequester set to hit all levels of the federal government.

A solid 58 per cent of respondents favoured cutting America’s debt over maintaining current spending levels on domestic and military programs. Only 28 per cent of respondents were in favour of the current spending levels.

Military cuts are widely favoured as the solution to debt reduction, with 49 per cent supporting defence cuts. Only 23 per cent, on the other hand, favour cuts to Social Security and Medicare. More than two-thirds of voters said they oppose cuts to the two programs.

The opposition of slashing social programs cuts across party lines — 62 per cent of Republicans and 82 per cent of Democrats are against it.

The poll shows that the economy still has room for improvement, as only 15 per cent saying that their personal financial situation has improved in the last 12 months. Meanwhile, 47 per cent said it stayed about the same, and 37 per cent said it had gotten worse.

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