These Were SUPPOSED To Be The Big Headlines On September 11, 2001

michael jordan

Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they did on 9/11.

But what do you remember about the day before — or the news the early-morning of?

Not much, we’re guessing.

Nothing that happened the day before 9/11 — and nothing that was set to make news before 8:47 a.m. on 9/11 — seemed remotely relevant in the aftermath.

If the attacks had never happened, here’s what you would have been talking about on 9/11.

A grand jury rejected a complaint against former Congressman Gary Condit in which a flight attendant claimed he had pressured her to sign an affidavit falsely stating they did not have romantic relations.

More flight attendant news: Delta stewards announced they would vote on whether to join a union.

The Yankees placed outfielder Paul O'Neill on the disabled list -- and fretted about his readiness for the playoffs -- as a result of a stress fracture in his left foot.

The politics world was buzzing over then-senator Joe Biden's criticism of President Bush's stance on antimissile defence.

The sports rumour mill said 38-year-old Michael Jordan was preparing to come out of retirement and re-join the NBA.

The DNC started running attack ads in New Jersey in an effort to get Jim McGreevey elected governor of the state.

Mayoral hopefuls like Fernando Ferrer woke up thinking they'd be competing in a primary to succeed Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The election was postponed, and current mayor Michael R. Bloomberg would later win.

Fashion week's first-ever maternity line fashion show -- from designer Liz Lange -- was about to happen in Bryant Park. ABC News correspondent Lara Spencer was covering the story and left to head to the World Trade centre.

And here's what the news looked like on September 12, 2001.

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