GALLUP HOLDS: Obama 47, Romney 46

Barack Obama

Photo: Getty

President Barack Obama maintained a 1-point lead over Mitt Romney in the Gallup daily tracking poll Wednesday. Obama leads his Republican challenger 47 per cent to 46 per cent, unchanged from Tuesday. However, a day after Obama lost his overall Democratic convention “bounce,” Obama’s approval rating sunk down another point. It now stands at 48 per cent — below the “safe” 50 per cent mark for re-election. 

On Tuesday, Romney swung the race 2 percentage points in the seven-day rolling average. The 47-46 lead was Obama’s smallest in the daily tracking poll since before the Democratic National Convention.

Gallup’s rolling average included the first full day of polling after Mitt Romney’s controversial fundraiser comments emerged Monday, but it’ll still likely be another couple days before that figures into the average, if at all.

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