Sephora is giving away free beauty products right now — here's how to get your hands on them

Thomas Lohnes/Getty ImagesMembers of Sephora’s Beauty Insider program also have the chance to score free products all year-round.
  • From September 26 to October 5, Sephora will be giving away a different free sample product each day to online shoppers.
  • To get a free product, you must be enrolled in the brand’s Beauty Insider rewards program and spend $US25 or more.
  • The free trial-size makeup products are kept a mystery until the day that they are available.
  • Compared to regular Beauty Insider perks, this promotion makes it easier and cheaper to get trial-size products.
  • Normally, Beauty Insider loyalty members must wait until they have spent at least $US100 so they have enough points to redeem free mini products from the store’s Rewards Bazaar.

It just became a lot easier to get free makeup at Sephora this week.

From September 26 to October 5, Sephora is holding a 10-day sale – named the “Mystery 10” – that gives online shoppers a free, trial-size product with any $US25 purchase.

There are, however, two catches. First, the free sample products are kept a mystery until the day that they are available. Secondly, shoppers must be a member of the Sephora Beauty Insider rewards program to get a free product.

Members of the Beauty Insider program are split into three tiers – Insider, VIB, and Rouge members – based on how much money they spend. Generally, Rouge members receive the most perks, followed by VIB members, and then Insiders. This promotion, however, works the same for all members.

Sephora MysterySephoraThe announcement was made on Sephora’s website.

The first few days of the sale included trial-size products from Drunk Elephant, Make Up Forever, and Gucci

On September 28, the third day of the sale, customers are treated to more than just free products. For today only, those who purchase fragrances from Sephora can earn three points per dollar, rather than the usual single point for Beauty Insiders, 1.5 points for VIB members, and 1.5 points for Rouge members.

Sephora Free ItemsSephoraFree products aren’t the only perks of this sale.

Sephora shared minimal details about the remaining days of the sale

The products that will be available for the rest of the promotion are technically a mystery. But, as pictured below, Sephora has provided hints for each day of the sale, which you might be able to figure out.

For example, the hint for the promotion on September 29 reveals that the free sample product will feature 24-carat gold. While multiple products at Sephora use real gold, FARSÀLI’s Rose Gold Elixir is one of the only products that contain 24 carats.

Sephora Free Stuff Weekend ProductsSephoraIt’s a mystery as to which products will be available this weekend.

If you’re not that interested in makeup, don’t worry. The hints for the final days of the promotion suggest one of the products will “protect strands” while another “detoxes with zinc and copper,” so you’ll likely find hair and skin-care items as well.

Free Sephora Beauty ProductsSephoraMany of these hints relate to brand names rather than specific products.

The promotion makes it easier and quicker to get free products

Even the most loyal Sephora shoppers know how difficult it can be to redeem free products from the Rewards Bazaar. Generally, Beauty Insiders need a total of 100 points – the equivalent of spending $US100 – before they can earn even the smallest reward.

The “Mystery 10” promotion may not allow you to choose your free trial item – as you would if shopping the Rewards Bazaar with points – but it does allow you to get products for much less money. Rather than spending $US100 over time, you need only make a single $US25 purchase to receive a product similar to those generally offered to Beauty Insiders.

The sale runs until October 5, so keep checking here to see which products will be made available each day.


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