Enhance SEO With A Single, Powerful Marketing Message

In an earlier article entitled “Awesome SEO tip for effective Internet marketing,” I discussed the SEO importance of selecting a business tag line that was not only both relevant and meaningful to humans, but also contributed to the site’s SEO profile and visibility. We’ll call this the Primary Marketing Message, or PMM.

Selecting the optimal PMM for your startup, online business, blog or site is a great exercise in defining your value offering. It is one of the most important aspects of your business and site’s meta information; useful to both humans and for SEO.

Business objectives vs. Landing pages

No matter whether you are attempting to market a blog, an eCommerce store, an exciting new startup or simply do some SEO spring cleaning for an existing site, it is very important to be able to summarize what your site does or offers in a single sentence PMM. The average person views a new page for around 3 seconds (assuming your site loads that quickly – see the article entitled “Page load time – the online business killer” for more information).

Internet based businesses and enterprises need to have landing pages that are:

  • simple
  • clear
  • concise

The ideal page is one that can get across its message to any reader almost instantaneously, in an exciting and engaging way. But it’s not easy to do this. More often than not, as a small business owner, you feel compelled to explain this or that about your offering… and this takes up space on the page, and requires effort and patience on the part of the visitor to read and absorb this info.

So, the requirements of a simple, clear and concise landing page often appear to be in conflict with the desire to provide comprehensive information that will encourage conversions and increase revenue. After all, potential customers probably aren’t going to purchase a complex piece of machinery if the landing page only shows an image and “Buy this” button, with nothing else.

Define and refine the value offering

In order to balance both requirements, it is important to spend some time working out how to define your value offering in a single sentence PMM. This is often not an easy thing to do. It can take days or weeks to get it right. More often than not, initially, you’ll find that you can summarize about 50% of what you want to in one sentence.

It takes practice and skill to distill your overall marketing message down into a single sentence. It’s harder still when that sentence also has to be SE optimised and easy for your target visitor to understand.

Combine SEO, clarity and brevity to deliver a powerful PMM

Currently, a client that provides large scale digital signage solutions, has contracted Site prebuilder to provide a complete website re-design and comprehensive SEO overhaul. One of the major criteria stipulated for the website was that it must rank highly for the phrase “Digital signage“.

The client currently has no corporate tag line or motto, and so one of the first tasks was to create one that would both enhance their SEO and play a role in helping to define the company’s offering quickly and effectively for human visitors.

Said client has been operating for over 20 years without featuring at all in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Fortunately, after spending a few days analysing their service and offering the perfect PMM became immediately obvious:

“Digital Signage Solutions”

It’s only three words, which also makes this PMM their tagline. But its brevity and simplicity covers a lot of ground. The client offers a huge array of products and service that can be implemented by both small and large scale clients across a wide range of industries. The factor common to all of these offerings is that all of them relate to digital signage in some way or another.

In addition, it was stipulated that the phrase digital signage must be highly SEO optimised for the site. By combining this SEO phrase (that describes the common thread in all of the client’s business activities) with a term that could be used to effectively group the wide array of different activities under one, short, easy to understand word, a three word PMM was created to both enhance the SEO visibility of the company, and make its offering immediately understandable to any visitor.

Implementing the SEO enhanced PMM

A defined and refined PMM, that can best describe what your site and business offers, can then be leveraged in a number of ways. Add it as a landing page message, or as part of your site’s motto/tagline (so that it may be included in page titles or headers).

An SEO PMM is your best effort at selling your value offering in a single sentence – use it wherever it is possible and relevant to do so. Add it to brochures, sites, signatures and so on. In this way you will associate your brand or name with both a simple and powerful message and hopefully capture the SEO phrase to boot.

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