Senior News Corp Exec Says Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Is A Goner

Photo: Business Insider

A top News Corp exec is telling people Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is as good as gone, a source tells us.Last night, Kilar published a blog post arguing that traditional TV has too many ads and that Hulu’s ads are 2X as effective as TV ads.

The problem for Kilar is that Hulu is a joint venture between a three companies that make a ton of money off TV ads – Disney, News Corporation, and Comcast. People at those companies are furious.

This source says that Kilar had planned his post for a while, and knew that it could result in him being ousted from Hulu.

This awareness that his tenure could be over bleeds through Kilar’s post.

In it, Kilar wrote: “A number of you that are reading this might be thinking that we’d have to be crazy to think that our small team can actually re-invent television and compete effectively against a landscape of distribution giants like cable companies, satellite companies, and huge online companies.

“We are crazy. All entrepreneurs need to be”

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