A Comprehensive List Of Obama's Misbehaving Senior Military Officers

RTR1TUN0Joshua Roberts – ReutersRetired Army Gen. David Petraeus.

Senior military leaders are supposed to behave in a manner that is morally above reproach. That, unfortunately, is not always the case.

Because of its cult culture and the classification of sensitive information, the military is not the most transparent organisation in the world. So we felt it necessary to compile a list of some of the most memorable recent mistakes made by those entrusted with ensuring America’s national security.

Air Force Lt. Col. Jeff Krusinski Allegedly Sexually Assaulted A Woman.

Air Force Lt. Col. Jeff Krusinski.

Chief of Sexual Assault Prevention, U.S. Air Force

The man in charge of the Air Force's effort to stop sexual assault within the ranks was canned this summer after he allegedly got drunk and groped an un-consenting woman in the parking lot of a Virginia bar. The Air Force replaced him with a two-star general.

Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus Had An Affair.

Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus.

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Petraeus was forced to resign as director of the CIA in 2012 after it was revealed that he had an extra-marital affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, while he commanded coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Army Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts Got Into A Fight With His Mistress.

Army Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts.

Commander, Army Training Center and Fort Jackson, S.C.

Roberts was relieved of command and forced to retire as head of one of the Army's key training commands this summer after he had sexual relations and a physical altercation with a woman who was not his wife.

Army Lt. Gen. David Holmes Huntoon Jr. Abused His Staff.

Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.

Huntoon quietly retired this July after a Pentagon Inspector General found that as the head of the U.S. Military Academy, he improperly made staffers work at private charity dinners, provide free driving lessons, and even feed a friend's cats.

Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal Trash Talked Obama.

Gen. Stan McChrystal.

Commander of Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

Gen. Stanley McChrystal was fired as the top man in Afghanistan in 2010 after the Rolling Stone published a scathing piece that depicted him and his staff trash talking President Obama.

Marine Corps Gen. James Cartwright Allegedly Had An Affair.

Marine Corps Gen. James Cartwright.

Vice Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff

After being called Obama's favourite to succeed Adm. Mike Mullen as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Cartwright was then passed up and forced to retire over allegations of an extramarital affair between him and a female member of his staff.

Cartwright has since become the subject of a criminal investigation for
leaking top-secret details of a cyberattack on the Iranian nuclear weapons program to the press. The leaks
were beneficial to the Obama administration.

Army Gen. 'Kip' Ward Misused Thousands In Government Funds.

Army Gen. 'Kip' Ward.

U.S. Africa Command

Ward was fired and stripped of a star last year after an investigation found that he spent tens of thousands of dollars on superfluous travel and other lavish expenses on the government's dime. He was also ordered to pay the government $US82,000 in restitution.

Marine Col. Daren Margolin Accidentally Shot A Gun In His Office.

Marine Col. Daren Margolin.

Commanding Officer, Security Battalion at MCB Quantico, Va.

Margolin was promptly relieved of command and faces criminal charges after he negligently discharged his service pistol last month into the floor of his office at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia.

Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina Cheated At Poker.

Deputy Commander, U.S. Strategic Command

The number two man at the U.S.'s nuclear weapons command was sacked in October by President Obama himself amid revelations that he used counterfeit poker chips during a card game at a casino in Nebraska.

Army Maj. Gen. Ralph Baker Was Fired Over Sex And Alcohol.

Army Maj. Gen. Ralph Baker.

Commander, Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa

Baker was fired from a key strategic post in Djibouti in April amid allegations of misconduct regarding alcohol and sexual misconduct that were never fully disclosed. But he wasn't just fired, he also had to return a substantial portion of his pay.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant Failed To Secure His Base From A Taliban Attack In Afghanistan.

Director, Strategic Planning and Policy, U.S. Pacific Command

Sturdevant was relieved of his post and forced to retire last month after an investigation determined that he neglected to adequately secure his base in Afghanistan prior to a September 2012 attack that killed two Marines and caused nearly $US150 million in damage to aircraft. He had been in charge of all Marine aviation assets in the region.

Air Force Maj. Gen. Michael Carey Misbehaved On An Assignment.

Maj. Gen. Michael Carey.

Commander, 20th Air Force, Air Force Global Strike Command

Carey was the man in charge of part of the Air Force's arsenal of nuclear weapons when he was relieved of command last month following an investigation into his conduct during a temporary duty assignment.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Charles M.M. Gurganus Neglected To Implement Security Procedures That Would Have Stopped A Taliban Attack In Afghanistan.

Lieutenant General select, awaiting orders to direct Marine Corps Staff at Pentagon.

Gurganus was forced to retire last month after an investigation determined that he failed to provide sufficient security over Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion when he was the commanding general of coalition forces in southwestern Afghanistan in 2012. The base was the subject of an attack by Taliban fighters in September 2012 that killed two Marines and destroyed six attack jets.

Navy Rear Adm. Charles Gaouette Made Poor Leadership Decisions.

Navy Rear Adm. Charles Gaouette.

Commander, USS John C. Stennis Strike Group

In October, U.S. Navy officials relieved Gaouette from his command of an aircraft carrier strike group actively deployed to the Middle East after an Inspector General's investigation into allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment. Though his infractions were never made public, officials stressed that it was an issue with his leadership, not his personal conduct.

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