REPORT: Senior managers at Australia Post manipulated data on employee injury rates to keep their bonuses

Photo: Don Arnold/Getty Images

Australia Post is being investigated over allegations that it manipulated data on injury rates to secure bonuses.

According to former and current Australia Post managers, senior staff postponed processing injury claims and recorded workers as on sick leave instead of absent with injury.

The Australian Financial Review reports that the alleged injury rate manipulation applies to between 10 and 20% of all claims.

The allegations included claims of paying for employees medical expenses on the company credit card instead of workers filing compensation claims.

This is because the company’s performance indicators are partly tied to lost time due to injuries rates and bonuses of up to $60,000 can be dependent on meeting the targets.

The company is fully cooperating with Comcare, which is investigating the matter.

Last week it emerged that half of Australia Post’s $36 million profit last year went to just six executives, including managing director and group CEO Ahmed Fahour, on a $5.6 million remuneration package.

Concerned over the size of the pay packet, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull — who by comparison takes home less than 10% of Fahour’s pay packet — said the “remuneration is too high” and that he’d raised the issue with Australia Post’s chairman, John Stanhope.

Read more on the injury allegations here.

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