Senior Liberal Leaders Want O'Farrell To Leave Politics Before He Becomes 'A Bad Smell'

The pressure is on Barry O’Farrell to make a swift exit from politics as some senior government officials turn against the former NSW Premier saying his controlling presence is preventing the new government from moving forward.

An inside source told The Australian today O’Farrell is “trying to pull strings at the highest level of government, for example telling the new ministers who they ought to employ.

“If that is going to be a game for the next 11 months, it’s going to be hell. It’ll be like Rudd hanging around like a bad smell. It’s just not on. He should get … out of the way, sit on the backbench, stop interfering and give Baird a better run at this.”

Some insiders believe O’Farrell is staying on to ensure he receives his full government entitlements.

“His pension maxes at 20 years, which is the end of the term, or whether it’s that he wants to retain some of the reins of power through his operatives is a moot point.

“The main point is it’s going to interfere with a government that has a new lease of life, a new leader with a new vision,” a source said.

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