Here's What Happens When Senior Citizens Try Oculus Rift For The First Time

Those who have tried Oculus Rift can verify that virtual reality is pretty cool. But as of right now, the technology has yet to really spread in the mainstream. 

The Fine Brothers, known for their comedic YouTube videos, decided to introduce the Oculus Rift to one particular segment of the population: seniors.

With the help of Oculus’ virtual reality headset, The Fine Brothers take the seniors through beautiful views, amusement parks, and creepy haunted rooms — and their responses are priceless.

“I’m not going to electrocute myself am I?”

“A snorkelling mask?”

“I was wondering when the full size naked woman was going to jump out and hug me.”

“Oh my, walking without using my feet!”

Some of them were a little frightened at first…

But once they got to experience a roller coaster, many were astonished by the realism.

Others weren’t as excited…

“OK, now I’m getting dizzy … ok I’m going to puke here.”

Next they experienced a horror-movie-like scene with creepy sounds and visuals.

“It is very impressive. How do they put this in here?”

“I think it’s bad for kids because they don’t do anything as it is now.”

“I’m impressed with the technology, but somebody else can buy it.” 

Old people try oculus rift


You can watch the full video here:

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