Sendle has launched a two-day delivery guarantee with eBay

SuppliedSendle CEO James Chin Moody.

Courier service Sendle has launched a new two-day parcel delivery guarantee with eBay.

The guarantee promises a two-day delivery service to and from selected capital cities and regional centres, at no extra cost.

“eBay is Australia’s number one marketplace and we love its commitment to helping its diverse online community thrive,” says James Chin Moody, CEO and co-founder of Sendle.

“We have built Sendle’s Two-Day Delivery Guarantee to follow eBay’s lead in helping this important segment of the market provide a superior level of service to customers.

“With eBay accounting for about 50% of online non-food retail in Australia, eBay sets the standard for eCommerce in Australia.”

Sendle’s announcement follows the launch of eBay’s guaranteed delivery program in which eBay sellers will compensate shoppers with coupons or pay for returns if orders do not arrive in the promised time frame.

In September, Sendle also launched a free dashboard integration for eBay merchants, which is now used by thousands of eBay sellers to streamline order handling.

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