An Evil Way To Irk Your Enemies -- Mailing Them Glitter For $9.99 -- Is Going Viral

This morning, Twitter exploded when a link to a website called “Ship Your Enemies Glitter” started getting passed around.

We first saw a link to the website posted to Reddit’s r/InternetIsBeautiful forum, and later on startup discovery website Product Hunt.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter was described by Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover as “the ultimate troll product.”

Quite literally, the expletive-laden Australian website lets you pay $US9.99 to send glitter to your enemies. “Hint: the glitter will be mixed in with the note thus increasing maximum spillage,” the website reads.

The website has since crashed, presumably due to the traffic it received.

In addition to including glitter in an envelope for your enemies, the website promises to also include a note explaining why the recipient is receiving the glitter, which is notoriously difficult to clean up.

It doesn’t seem to be a joke, though: the form on Ship Your Enemies Glitter’s website submitted to a PayPal checkout page.

The website also had a curse-word heavy FAQ page.

It’s not immediately clear who is behind the website (the Product Hunt team isn’t sure either). The domain owners’ information is masked.

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