Meet 'Leak,' A Website That Lets You Send Anonymous Emails With Clues, Such As 'From A Coworker'

Ever want to get something off your chest, but are a bit too squeamish to just hit “send”? You’re in luck.

Meet Leak, a new website that lets you send anonymous emails to your friends, coworkers — even the people you might not like so much.

Anonymous email isn’t an entirely new concept, but Leak is hoping to make the experience less creepy and more fun by allowing you to choose the degree of familiarity in how you’re attributed. It’s a nice nod to the importance of context, and it allows users to send their anonymous note as “a friend,” “a coworker,” “a family member,” “a friend of a friend,” or simply “someone.”

To send a Leak, you first have to agree to the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Leak etiquette, which encourages users to “use anonymity for good” and prohibits people using Leak to bully, harass, spam, threaten, or otherwise take advantage of Leak’s anonymity to cause others pain.

But Leak does have its issues.

When we tried sending a Leak to our coworkers, most of the time the email would find its way to their spam folders, and only occasionally to their inbox. For Leak to truly take off, people will need to know their small act of anonymous courage will actually be seen, otherwise there’s really no point.

And without Leak, how else could we ever tell people our true feelings?

You can try Leak for yourself here.

Check out these other images, courtesy of Leak.

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