Senator Stephen Conroy Has Joined Twitter -- With A Dalek As His Profile Photo

It’s him all right.

Stephen Conroy’s office confirmed today that the Australian federal Communications Minister — long loathed in social media circles — has started an official account on Twitter.

Or at least, his office has. The account is @ConroyMO and it tweeted for the first time an hour ago, as his Coalition opposite number Malcolm Turnbull was releasing his cheaper alternative to the government’s $37.4 billion National Broadband Network.

In typically pugnacious Conroy style, the selected profile photo is not the minister but a Dalek, a reference to the minister once being described as one of the “factional Daleks” who were jeopardising the future of the Labor Party.

A spokesman for the minister wryly denied it was a reference to factionalism.

“No, the minister is just a massive Doctor Who fan,” he told Business Insider.

Even for a politician, Conroy has an exceptionally thick skin. Last month Sydney’s Daily Telegraph compared the minister to various dictators including Mao and Stalin over his proposed media regulations in a provocative front page seen in some quarters as a gross exaggeration.

Conroy now has the front page displayed in his office.

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