Senator Rockefeller Demands U.S. Investigation Into News Corp. Scandal

senator jay rockefeller west virginia

Photo: nasa hq photo via Flikr

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) called for a federal investigation into News Corporation, following the still-developing scandal in which British reporters hacked the phones of celebrities, politicians, government investigators, and the families of 9/11 victims.”The reported hacking by News Corporation newspapers against a range of individuals – including children – is offensive and a serious breach of journalistic ethics,” Rockefeller said yesterday, according to the Financial Times. “This raises serious questions about whether the company has broken U.S. law, and I encourage the appropriate agencies to investigate to ensure that Americans have not had their privacy violated.”

The Federal Communications Commission, which would be tasked with investigating any breaches of U.S. law, said it had no intention of becoming involved in the ongoing investigations in the U.K, but would “do its job” if something new came to light.

News Corporation announced today that it would temporarily abandon its bid to take full control of BSkyB, the satellite broadcasting company of which it already owns 39%, citing a political environment overwhelmingly hostile to the deal.

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