Senator Rand Paul's Amazingly Frank Interview With Alex Jones

As a journalist, there’s always a hesitation before posting an Alex Jones video — he has legions of fans, but also legions of weird haters who will go to the ends of the Earth to mock and bully anyone who posts his content.

Although I’ve never met nor spoken to Alex Jones, we seem to run in somewhat similar circles media-wise, as we cover the same emerging threats to basic civil liberties in America. (Also, some of my articles have appeared on his news network’s web site, Infowars… which is always cool to see, and appreciated. I have no editorial say in that, fyi.)

His new interview with U.S. Senator Rand Paul is simply phenomenal, and unlike some establishment media shows that ask a series of dumb, petty questions related only to the 2012 presidential horse race (and his father’s role in that), Jones gets right into the issues that matter: will President Obama unilaterally drag America into war without Congressional approval?

And at what point might the American people say “Enough!” in response to the rising tyranny and possible criminality of the TSA, an agency which routinely molests and violates passengers in the name of “safety.” 

And what should we make of the civil rights destroying NDAA, which is now active U.S. law?

Senator Rand Paul discusses these, and other, issues in the clip. The good stuff starts at around 4:30 in if you happen to be short on time today. Watch it directly below:

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