Senator Cory Bernardi's 'Best Seller' Is Competing For Sales With Some Ridiculously Obscure Titles

South Australian MP and author Cory Bernardi has been pretty excited about how well his book, The Conservative Revolution, has been selling.

This is wonderful news! Move over Matthew Reilly , at last our great nation has its new Bryce Courtenay.

Senate Bard Cory Bernardi’s book is the 15th on Amazon’s Australian Politics list with a bullet

Regrettably, it seems this landmark in the Conservative Canon only enjoyed fleeting fame, since when we checked the Amazon top 100 , which is updated hourly – John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars in No. 1, just ahead of Donna Tart’s The Goldfinch – on Thursday afternoon, the perennially excellent and somewhat conservative The Very Hungry Caterpillar simmered along in the top 50, yet the Senator’s wise words weren’t on the list.

Is this a leftist plot by the leftards at Amazon? Perhaps, because according to their own rankings, Cory’s book ranks 276,809 on the best seller list.

Never mind. His joy is infectious and conservative cheerleader Professor David Flint was keen to join in the celebrations, albeit in a highly qualified category.

Wow, impressive! There it is! Just behind Jan-Erik Lane’s ripping yarn: Public Sector Reform: Rationale, Trends and Problems, an outstanding “comparative analysis of the reform experience in Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada”, and just ahead of the nightmarish revelations of Weavers of Revolution: The Yarur Workers and Chile’s Road to Socialism.

But fans need to buy up if the South Australian Senator’s tome is going to pass Wobblies!: A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the World Paperback at No. 11, especially since The Conservative Revolution is lacking images by cartoonist Peter Kuper of MAD’s Spy vs. Spy fame.

The latest Neilsen Bookscan figures, which gather sales from more than 1000 booksellers across Australia (but not online sales), say The Conservative Revolution has sold 123 copies.

Sadly, just a few hours later Professor Flint’s joy also turned out to be short-lived as the Senator’s book slipped to 17th place on the Amazon list.

Perhaps the Senator and Professor could follow in the footsteps of Charles Saatchi and send out staff to buy bulk copies to lift sales.

After all, Mother’s Day is just 100 shopping days away.

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