Senator Barbara Boxer Accused Republicans Of Tanking The Economy To Help Romney

Barabara Boxer

Photo: The U.S. Army

Senator Barbara Boxer was just on The Daily Rundown on MSNBC, and leveled an explosive charge.She came out and said Rep. John Boehner and Republicans were stalling on negotiations to raise the  debt ceiling in order to create a an economic crisis that would hurt Obama. 

Here’s the rough transcript of the interview:

SEN. BOXER: I think that’s a great idea and the president put forward a grand plan that would reduce the deficit, get us on a path to a balanced budget, save social security and medicare, make the investments we need and ask the wealthiest 1% who earn over $1 million to pay their fair share. And the republicans took a walk. The situation is this — we have — but most people don’t know this but under the arcane rules of the Senate, budgets are not laws. They’re just guidelines. The budget control act is actually a law, for two years. And we set budget caps for 10 years. So my opinion is let’s stop quibbling over process, let’s get the job done. And, Chuck, to get back to your first point who’s to blame, I want to just cite history. The one party that balanced the budget in the last 40 years are the Democrats in the congress and president Clinton and we did it and nobody else has done it. And, you know, it’s interesting that they’re setting up a big fight, McConnell and Boehner, making it a crisis when it isn’t a crisis and demanding more cuts when they didn’t live up to the cuts they agreed to. Because they want to create a crisis so maybe say, oh, my goodness, maybe if we change everything, things will be better. Maybe we need a different president. 

TODD: They’re doing this to try to help Mitt Romney?

SEN. BOXER: I think they’re doing it to hurt the Democrats, to say that the Democrats are in control of the Senate and we’re not doing the right thing when the facts show otherwise. and, you know, again i am so happy to say that finally, you know, the press always says everyone — finally you have two scholars stepping out on everyone and saying that it’s the republicans. their desire to see the president lose meant we had to suffer a downgrade of our bonds. they’re willing to take another downgrade. Well, I’m not willing to do that. We should stop it now. I’m the head of a conference on a highway bill. it’s 3d million jobs. I’m hopeful they’ll let us get that done. if they don’t, everyone is going to see it.

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