Sen. Chuck Grassley Says Those Colombian Prostitutes The Secret Service Solicited Could Have Been Russian Spies

grassley prostitutes

Iowa senator Chuck Grassley is furious over the recent sex scandal involving Secret Service agents and Colombian prostitutes, saying that for the first time, he is not 100 per cent confident that the country is safe.

Grassley was on Radio Iowa Tuesday morning and blasted the Obama administration and the Secret Service for putting national security in jeopardy.

“The issue here isn’t just people messin’ around with prostitutes,” he said. “The issue is the security of the president of the United States and the issue is any national security implications that it might have because of the secrecy and the documents and things of that nature.”

Grassley added: “Who knows who might be using prostitutes. The Russians are famous for that to get information out of us. You want to know that the president is protected.”

There’s no evidence suggesting that the prostitutes had more clandestine day jobs, though according to a letter from the House Oversight Committee, they were brought into “contact with sensitive security information.” And Grassley does have a point — the Russians do have a penchant for using seductive women as spies (can anyone say Anna Chapman?)

In fact, former British ambassador Sir Christopher Meyer to Washington said that on many occasions he’s had Russian honeytraps laid out for him, though he’s never bit.

“I resisted the foul temptation of the Soviets, who gnashed their teeth with frustration as I rejected both homo and heterosexual advances,” he said. “Honeytraps were always around in the old Soviet days. It’s a very traditional country and that includes its intelligence services, so I’m not at all surprised to hear that they are still honey-trapping away in the House of Commons.”

Meanwhile, Grassley is calling for a more thorough investigation regarding the incident. Despite the White House saying that no staff were involved in the scandal, Grassley is demanding that more details be released.

We’ll see if he gets it.

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