Selita Ebanks Auditioned For The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show But Didn't Make It

selita ebanks

Photo: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

Model Selita Ebanks is putting her past as a Victoria’s Secret Angel behind her.Ebanks told New York Magazine that she tried out for the annual Fashion Show but didn’t make it, despite recently being a part of the retailer’s elite group of “Angels.”

Victoria’s Secret makes everyone audition for the extravaganza.

“You have to show up in your panties, and you have to walk and be pleasant and say hi to everyone and hope that you’ve still got it,” Ebanks told reporter Jenni Avins. “I didn’t make it.” 

But Ebanks said she’s done with Victoria’s Secret anyway.

“I’ve done, what, five, six shows? I’ve experienced my V.S. days,” Ebanks said.

Victoria’s Secret Angels star in the catalogues and go to promotional events for the lingerie company. Many former Angels have gone on to be superstars, including Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen.

Ebanks’ contract with Victoria’s Secret ended in 2009.

Perhaps she can find solace with Kate Upton, who was also famously snubbed from the show.

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