This Stunning Woodland Office In Madrid Is The Most Popular Building On ArchDaily

Valerie BennettValerie Bennett took this photo of the Selgas Cano studio during an Architectural Association Members’ trip.

Leave it to a group of architects to do their work in a stunning office with an incredible design.

The office of Selgas Cano, a firm based in Madrid, Spain, is the number one most-visited building on ArchDaily, a website for architecture lovers. And it’s easy to see why.

Situated in a remote area filled with vegetation and rock formations, some of the walls of the office act as full-length windows into the forest outside. Business Insider spoke to Selgas Cano’s Alicia Cervera, one of the firm’s seven architects, about how the group designed their artists’ studio.

“What is being sought with this studio is quite simple: work under the trees,” she said. “To do so, we needed a roof that’s as transparent as possible. At the same time, we needed to isolate the desk zone from direct sunlight so we could still work.”

Even though it looks secluded, the office is just a 20-minute drive from bustling Madrid. It sits on a 2500-square-foot section of forest northwest of the city, about 15 minutes from a small strip of shops and restaurants where Selgas Cano employees can grab a quick lunch — not that they would really want to leave.

“The beautiful space makes us want to be here,” Cervera told Business Insider. “The atmosphere matches our relaxed attitude, and we don’t have any strict office rules or any official time to come and go. It’s an incredibly inspiring place to work.”

Right now the firm isn’t planning to expand. That means there’s no reason to be thinking about ever abandoning their office.

“We’re all really proud of the studio, and all our clients have been astonished.”

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