'Selfies With Homeless People' Is The Latest Vile Teen Trend To Get Its Own Tumblr

Jason Feifer just launched his third instalment of his unfortunate selfies collection.

First there was “Selfies At Serious Places” which showed teenagers kissy-facing in front of the Anne Frank Memorial. Then, “Selfies At Funerals,” where people were hashtagging their way through a loved one’s memorial services.

Now Feifer brings us “Selfies With Homeless People,” and the title alone is enough to make you cringe.

We’ve learned over the last few months that selfies are not going anywhere. In fact, it’s become more and more the norm to take selfie just about anywhere and with anything. Like a dead body. Or a homeless person.

Here are some from the Tumblr:


Business Insider spoke to Jason Feifer, a senior editor at Fast Company, to ask him why he continued to document these unflattering trends.

This is what he told us:

One of my favourite things about social media is seeing so many people, without knowledge of each other, do or say the exact same thing. It’s like a gigantic social experiment in odds-making — why do some ideas become so common? And I think it’s even more fascinating when all these people have the same highly questionable idea. Selfies are just a perfect expression of our basest Internet urges: They can be meant seriously or a joke, they’re both communicative and totally self-centered, are both meant to be private and public, and prominently feature the person taking the action.

So I gather these because I think it’s useful to look at them as a group and wonder: Why is this happening over and over?

Feifer added a spot on the new Tumblr where you can donate to City Harvest or Habitat For Humanity; non-profit organisations that help the homeless.

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