Now you can get your selfies printed on your Apple Watch

Apple WatchCasetifyA customised Apple Watch.

A website is selling Apple Watch straps that can be printed with your photos. It’s a new idea from a website called Casetify, which explains that its products are “designed for ultimate comfort while embracing individuality.”

To make a customised Apple Watch, customers sign in via social media and start creating on a simple design page by dragging uploaded images onto a mock-up device. You can place a picture over the whole Apple Watch strap, or put smaller frames of a photo concurrently along it. If you like what you see, it costs $US50, or about £35. There are filters to play with, if sepia is your thing.

“Your #selfies on your Apple Watch band? Crazy holiday photos? Why not? Apple watch wants to be the most personal device ever, but they don’t let you to personalise every element of the watch. We want to fill the missing link,” says Harvey Mok from Casetify.

Casetify came up with a launch collection that look quite like sample wallpapers on Windows computers.

But it will probably be selfies/photos that prove most popular. Here’s my colleague James Cook on an Apple Watch:

What’s really funny is that anyone can buy your design. Technically, if they have got the right link, anyone can go to the Casetify website and put Cook’s face on their new Apple Watch. Here is the link if you fancy it.

The website started before the Apple Watch, and also allows people to transfer images onto Apple products such as iPads and iPhones, and Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy models, the HTC One. Even the Blackberry Z10 is doable. For the phones, Casetify puts pictures on 2.5mm protective cases.

Here’s the top half of my “Josh Barrie on your iPhone” case:

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