Watching Teenagers Stand In A 'Selfie Line' To Take Photos With YouTube Stars Is One Of The Weirder Things You'll See

It’s pretty obvious that autograph books are a thing of the past.

When digital cameras became ubiquitous in the early aughts, people hoped to snap photos with their favourite celebrity. Now that everyone has a phone with a front-facing camera, selfies are the way to prove you were in close proximity to a star.

But what does an autograph — or now, a selfie — line look like these days?

Take a look at the scene Sarah Kessler at Fast Company captured:

Kessler just wrote an excellent feature on the rise of YouTube stars and how the celebrities teens and young kids are worshiping these days aren’t necessarily the A-listers you see on television or in the movies.

We recently profiled the fans of a YouTuber named “Bunny” — fans who waited in line for hours in the middle of the day in New York City to get a glimpse of the 26-year-old who pulls in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from ads on her wildly popular videos.

We knew selfies with celebrities were popular, of course, but watching a selfie receiving line in action like the one above? A pretty tell-tale sign that times are changing.

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