Selfies Are Dead, It's All About The 'Usie' Now

Step aside, selfies. A new type of picture is taking over social media streams.

‘Usies’ are of the opinion that two is better than one. An “usie” is a group selfie, where someone takes a picture of themselves with other people in the shot.

Isn’t that just a normal photo? You may be wondering.

Yes, it is. But one person in the picture has to be taking the photo, so the pictures still have that selfie signature outstretched arm.

Here are some examples.

You may recall that Pope Francis took a selfie last year. Actually, what he took part in was an “usie.”

Pope Francis selfieReuters/L’Osservatore RomanPope Francis participating in a selfie at the Vatican.

Usies are popular among couples. Last week, TMZ reported former flames Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez taking an usie together.

Here’s another couple example from Instagram

Mums are also fans of taking usies with their children.

Besties take usies together too.

And pet owners are snapping usies with their animals.

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