Brother Falls For His Sister's Hilarious Selfie Prank For An Entire Year

Jilian HakerYouTubeJillian Haker pranking her brother.

A YouTuber named Jillian Haker decided she wanted to pull the ultimate prank on her brother, but in order for it to be absolutely hilarious, it would take her an entire year.

Every time Haker went to take a Snapchat selfie of her and her brother, she’d take a video instead, capturing all of his poses and importantly, the moment he realises he’s being taped…each time.

He falls for it every single time she does it!

The video started circulating on Reddit and was picked up by a bunch of different news outlets.

It currently has over 3 million views. 

In the description of the video, Haker writes, “The ultimate goal would for this to go viral so I can meet Ellen… Or Taylor Swift. Just throwing that out there.”

Watch the video here:

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