Somebody created an actual Selfie Arm to help them appear less lonely

Everyone loves posting thousands of flattering selfies online, but what happens when your fans and followers begin to suspect you have no friends?

Artists Justin Crowe and Aric Snee have devised a creation to put an end to this affliction — the Selfie Arm.

The two designed the Selfie Arm as a concept product for those who seek company in their photos without the messy business of human interaction.

The Selfie Arm functions like a regular selfie stick, but it’s disguised as a human arm. When you take a photo using the Selfie Arm it looks like you’re holding hands with a friend or loved one.

The fibreglass arm is portable, lightweight, and adjusts to fit most smartphones. And while the arm’s skin tone looks a bit deathly, proper Instagram filtering should clear that right up (we suggest Kelvin).

The product really makes you look at photos like this in a new light.

Unfortunately, the Selfie Arm exists only as a concept product at this point, so you might have to go dumpster diving for a manikin if you want to liven up your selfies. That, or you could always just try to meet more people.

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