You Can Now Buy SUVs That Park Themselves

parallel parking fail

Photo: MattHurst | Flickr

Q. Which SUVs have a self-parking system?A. Self-parking systems are available on SUVs from Ford and Mercedes-Benz, and they aren’t cheap.

A self-parking feature is optional on the current compact Ford Escape as a $395 stand-alone option, but it’s available only on the Escape Limited, the most expensive model at a base price of $26,370. What’s more, you have to buy a $1,585 option package to get the self-parking feature.

Likewise, the parking feature is optional only on the high-zoot Ford Flex Limited or Titanium models and the Explorer Limited (which requires buying a $4,500 option package). On the Lincoln MKT, it’s a $595 option but requires a $4,000 package.

Mercedes doesn’t strong arm buyers into buying option packages to get its Parktronic Active Parking Assist, a $970 stand-alone option on the M-Class. However, the cheapest model, the ML 350, has a base price of nearly $49,000, and that doesn’t include leather upholstery. Mercedes also offers Parktronic without the self-parking feature as an $800 option on the G-Class and R-Class. This version gives visual and audible warnings when you get close to another vehicle but does not steer for you.

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