Selena Gomez blows every celebrity out of the water on Instagram -- even Taylor Swift

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• Selena Gomez is the most-followed celebrity on Instagram with 103 million followers.

• Eight of the most-liked photos posted on the app in 2016 were Gomez’s.

• Seven of the most-liked videos posted on the app in 2016 were Gomez’s.

To say that Selena Gomez dominated Instagram this year would be an understatement.

Case in point: Instagram just released its most-liked photos of 2016, and eight of those 10 photos were Selena’s.

Gomez looks flawless in all eight, from this subtly sexy Coca-Cola ad — which collected the most likes of all photos posted on the app in 2016… 

 … to this touching photo of Gomez with a fan.

 Here are the other six in order of likes:





The only other celeb whose photos made it onto the list is soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is the most-followed man on Instagram, and yet only two of his photos garnered anywhere near the amount of likes that Gomez’s other eight photos did.

It wasn’t just Gomez’s photos that blew up — it was her videos, too. Seven out of the 10 most-liked celebrity Instagram videos were hers.

This video of Gomez breaking it down with a fan took the number one spot:

 Gomez’s smile is contagious in this video that took the number two spot:

Another favourite featured the star embracing National Doughnut Day:

Considering all those likes, it’s no surprise that Gomez amassed a whopping 50 million followers this year. That’s more than any other celebrity on the app.

With a following of 103 million, Gomez is the most-followed celebrity on Instagram, putting her a whole nine million followers ahead of the second most-followed celebrity on the app: social media darling Taylor Swift.

And just in case you needed more evidence that everything Gomez touches on Instagram turns to gold: Swift’s most-liked photo of 2016 was a TBT of herself and Gomez.

What’s perhaps the most shocking part about Gomez’s Instagram domination is the fact that the star recently took a three-month hiatus from Hollywood and her phone as a result of her 2014 Lupus diagnosis.

Yet she still managed to kill it and crush pretty much every other celebrity on the app.

Maybe we all need to take a page out of Gomez’s book — or a screenshot out of her phone. 

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